Reflecting on Georgia Transmission’s 2023 Grid Investments – Georgia Transmission

Reflecting on Georgia Transmission’s 2023 Grid Investments

At Georgia Transmission, we view every day as an opportunity to move forward to a brighter future. As the electric industry shifts toward a new energy mix, and the demand and reliance on electricity in our daily routines continues to increase, we know a robust, resilient and flexible grid will be key to success.

That is why, in 2023, we made strategic moves to build forward momentum to meet the demands of an evolving industry – while also continuing to deliver on our commitment to our member EMCs, helping them provide reliable, cost-effective electricity to homes and businesses across the state.

Through $297 million invested in 2023, Georgia Transmission significantly bolstered the reliability and efficiency of our state’s power infrastructure, reinforcing our ability to meet the growing energy demands of Georgia’s communities.

Highlights of our 2023 accomplishments include:

• Completing 131 capital projects, including facilities to support commercial/industrial customer-choice loads for our member systems;

• Advancing $155 million on a Rural Utility Service (RUS) loan for post-construction funding of transmission projects;

• Receiving approval for a $550 million loan from RUS to fund transmission project construction and asset acquisitions;

• Continuing to monitor cybersecurity developments and comply with federal reliability standards;

• Incurring no environmental violations for the tenth consecutive year; and,

• Maintaining a focus on safety, health and well-being.

Furthermore, we also took steps to ready our business for the demands of tomorrow:

• In October, Georgia Transmission was a named partner in a Department of Energy Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnership (GRIP) Award. This award will help fund approximately 50% of $300 million in projects to support rural electric reliability.

• We doubled the size of our central warehouse to support growing project demands, as well as to provide the space necessary to keep a larger range of inventory — mitigating the potential impact of further supply chain disruptions.

• We announced plans to move to a new corporate headquarters in 2024, a space that will better support collaboration, while also accommodating the projected growth needs of our team.

• We continued to expand our business intelligence program, bot automation activities and knowledge transfer initiative to ensure we are leveraging the best of technology and data to work efficiently.

• We continued work toward opening our microgrid research center, slated for late 2024.

• Additionally, we participated in two Southeastern Reliability Corporation (SERC) audits – both of which resulted in no compliance violations.

For more than 25 years, planning, building and maintaining the high-voltage transmission lines and substations that deliver electricity to our EMC’s systems has been our sole business. With that singular focus, we continue to push the envelope to implement innovative solutions that deliver an ever more reliable, resilient and efficient grid. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our state’s local EMCs and will continue our efforts to contribute positively to the communities they serve.

To get the full picture of our work in 2023, read our Annual Report.