About Georgia Transmission

Committed to providing the reliable, affordable energy that powers Georgia homes and businesses.

Who Is Georgia Transmission?

Georgia Transmission is the link between the state’s energy generators and local electric membership corporations (EMCs), providing reliable, affordable power to communities across Georgia. We work to ensure electric power is always available at the flip of a switch.

How We Operate

Moving electricity from point A to point B is a multi-part process. Our teams plan, build and maintain the high-voltage transmission lines and power grid infrastructure Georgians depend on every day. 


As communities grow, so do their energy needs. We work with EMCs and local leaders to anticipate demand and implement reliable solutions.


Because the need for energy is increasing thanks to Georgia’s thriving economy, we are always building infrastructure to meet the demand.



Regular maintenance is the cornerstone of a power supply, which is why we work hard to keep the transmission grid working and the power flowing.

Working With Communities

Because our decisions affect individuals and communities, we always aim to engage stakeholders in the discussion.

Key Topics

Because we connect power plants to local EMCs, we're at the intersection of most conversations about Georgia’s electric grid.