Key Topics

Reliable & Affordable Energy

Through our work with local EMCs, we keep power flowing so people have it when they need it. Thanks to these relationships, partnerships with communities and continued technological improvements, our state’s power is less expensive and more reliable than the national average.

Smart Grid

Power outages are not only inconvenient, but they also disrupt businesses and public services. Our teams use two-way digital technology to monitor infrastructure, identify problems and often solve them remotely. These innovations include fault detectors, remote-operated switches and lightning arrestors that quickly restore power and prevent outages.


Innovative Technology

Planning, building and maintaining the power grid in a rapidly growing state demands reliable solutions to meet the changing energy needs of homeowners and businesses.


Using an aircraft-mounted sensor, including light detection and ranging technology (LiDar), we survey our 3,000 miles of lines and verify that they are functioning correctly.

delta power line

Delta Power Line Tower Design

We introduced an industry-leading design for 500-kilovolt power line towers. The Delta design makes it safer to repair live wires, reduces insulator damage and allows for narrower rights of way.

Static VAR Compensator

Built in 2008 to reduce the risk of blackouts in North Georgia, it detects and corrects voltage problems that can occur when power is transmitted long distances to areas with few local power plants.

xray splice

X-ray Splice Inspection

Our teams use X-ray to inspect the places where two lines connect. Because the connections are not externally visible, this ensures successful splices and helps prevent future outages.