A Future-Proof Power Grid – Georgia Transmission

A Future-Proof Power Grid

As a not-for-profit cooperative owned by 38 of the state’s electric membership corporations (EMCs), Georgia Transmission plans, builds and maintains high-voltage power lines and substations that help keep the lights on across the state. Working alongside our member EMCs, we help deliver energy to more than 4.5 million Georgians.    

Georgia Transmission is committed to staying ahead in our ever-evolving industry. We understand the growing capacity needs of the state’s power grid and the importance of keeping up with the demand. We are actively working to update and grow our network of high-voltage transmission lines and substations to support the future of Georgia’s growing communities. 

Since our inception in 1997, we have been dedicated to making strategic investments in our infrastructure and research initiatives to ensure we are continuously improving electrical reliability for our member EMCs. Access to reliable and cost-effective electricity has never been more important, contributing significantly to every community’s quality of life. Over the next 10 years, Georgia Transmission is proactively working to maintain our power grid reliability by investing in grid infrastructure that will allow EMCs to continue meeting the needs of local communities as energy use increases.  

Georgia Transmission’s significant investment in new transmission lines and substations, as well as research and innovation, will help communities across the state be prepared for the future of energy. Georgians across 70% of our state’s land area can look forward to fewer and shorter life-disrupting outages and reduced energy costs as a result of the investments we are making in their communities.  

Expanding high-voltage transmission lines, upgrading substations and investing in new technology helps energy flow more efficiently for enhanced grid stability and reduced downtime. While we can’t predict exactly what our future businesses and the technology they will use may look like, Georgians can be confident that Georgia Transmission is doing our part to ensure they will have access to reliable, cost-effective power for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities.