Powering Georgia’s Future – Georgia Transmission

Powering Georgia’s Future

Winter 2021:

As companies consider where to plant their operational roots, access to trusted power sources can often be a deciding factor. In today’s world where electricity is fundamental to life and commerce, businesses simply cannot function without reliable energy.  

As a not-for-profit cooperative owned by 38 of the state’s electric membership corporations (EMCs), Georgia Transmission Corp. plans, builds and maintains high-voltage power lines and substations that help keep the lights on across the state. Working alongside our member EMCs, we help deliver energy to more than 4 million Georgians.   

Every household and business in our state shares a connection to electricity via a common electric grid, known as the Integrated Transmission System (ITS), which is jointly operated by the state’s major electric utilities. Established in Georgia in 1975, this collaborative approach serves as a national model for low-cost, efficient management of electrical grids. For all businesses that call Georgia home, this model helps lower electric bills and provides greater reliability.  

To support economic development, we take a diligent approach to construction and maintenance that produces cost savings and considers the short- and long-term community and environmental impact. Transparency is a key part of our process; we work with community leaders, as well as property and business owners, to gather feedback in accordance with their local perspective.  At Georgia Transmission, our team is dedicated to doing our part in ensuring that Georgia’s electric grid operates reliably and efficiently, helping to make Georgia an attractive place to do business.   

Fall 2021:

Agriculture is Georgia’s oldest and largest industry, vital to our state’s economy. According to the Georgia Farm Bureau, one in seven Georgians work in forestry, agriculture or related fields. This crucial industry depends on consistent, reliable energy to operate and grow. As the link between Georgia’s energy generators and 38 of the state’s local EMCs, Georgia Transmission is dedicated to doing our part to keep the barn lights on and irrigation systems powered for our state’s farms and production facilities. We see our commitment to local communities of all sizes as an investment in Georgians and our collective future. This commitment extends beyond our work on the power grid; Georgia Transmission recently kicked off our seventh year of partnership with Tucker Middle School, hosting career days for students that focus on STEM curriculum, including hydroponics and other sustainable energy practices.

Summer 2021:

The need for reliable and affordable power is fundamental for industries across the state – from agriculture to film. Community leaders and businesses are helping to orchestrate our state’s continued, quiet emergence from the challenges of the past year, and at Georgia Transmission, we know a lack of reliable power should never be an obstacle to progress. While Georgia’s film industry continues to rebuild and inspire the next generation of filmmakers, Georgia Transmission is committed to keeping the lights on, and air conditioners running, for our state’s movie and television sets.

Spring 2021:

Seeing the boundless energy and curiosity that illuminates today’s youth in the classroom, at the ballpark and around the table at homework time is a refreshing reminder that they are the decision-makers of tomorrow. With each lesson plan, homework assignment and coaching session, we are preparing them to lead our state in the coming years with knowledge, wisdom and integrity. At Georgia Transmission, we are committed to doing our part to help power the tools they need to explore their interests and prepare for their futures.