Georgia Transmission Efforts Help Benefit Forsyth County – Georgia Transmission

Georgia Transmission Efforts Help Benefit Forsyth County

Electric reliability in Forsyth County remains strong thanks in part to a recently completed infrastructure project led by Georgia Transmission, which serves as the link between energy generators and local cooperatives like Sawnee EMC.


Georgia Transmission installed a new high-voltage transmission line at Hammonds Crossing to address electricity demand and ensure Forsyth County residents and business owners can continue to enjoy safe, reliable and cost-effective power.


To minimize traffic and other disruption from the construction project, Georgia Transmission utilized a helicopter – rather than bucket trucks – to help install the conductor (wires). Taking this extra measure allowed the utility to complete the installation three weeks ahead of schedule, while creating a safer work environment for their employees and Forsyth County commuters.


“Working closely with Forsyth County officials and our colleagues at Sawnee EMC allowed our team to understand the community’s needs during the planning process and more efficiently complete the project during the construction process,” said Georgia Transmission Public Affairs Director Terry Buttrill. “We are intentional and thoughtful in our planning, building and maintenance of the state’s electric grid, ensuring that access to reliable and cost-effective power is never compromised. In working with county staff we help ensure a coordinated and deliberate effort.”


Throughout the project, Georgia Transmission kept Forsyth County officials updated on progress, ensuring the latest updates were posted on electric signs and social media pages.


A not-for-profit cooperative, Georgia Transmission owns more than 3,900 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and more than 770 substations. These facilities deliver power to Georgia’s EMCs providing electricity to more than 4.4 million Georgians.