Georgia Transmission Shares in Georgia Trust’s Preservation Award – Georgia Transmission

Georgia Transmission Shares in Georgia Trust’s Preservation Award

April 12, 2010

Georgia Transmission Corp. was one of several organizations honored Friday with The Georgia Trust’s Excellence in Preservation Service Award for developing a guide about the historical significance of ranch house architecture.

The guide recognizes the ranch house in Georgia as a significant architectural style and provides guidelines for determining its eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places. Other contributors recognized for the guide were New South Associates, which prepared the guide, the Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Department of Transportation and several architectural consulting firms.

The 137-page document, “Ranch House in Georgia: Guidelines for Evaluation,” presents a study on the evolution of the ranch house and a methodology for evaluating the integrity and historical significance of this architectural style. The period of significance for the ranch house in Georgia was determined to be between 1930 and 1969.

“This document will help professionals identify and protect Georgia’s important historic resources,” said Vince Howard, Manager of Georgia Transmission Corporation’s Environmental Services Department. “We are pleased that this collaborative effort was so well received.”

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, a non-profit established in 1973, gives its Preservation Service Award to people or organizations that demonstrate “exemplary activities promoting awareness in the field of historic preservation.”

Representing Georgia Transmission at the awards ceremony in Rome, Ga., were Christy Johnson and Ashley Regan, project coordinators for the Ranch Guideline project.

The National Register, an official list of historic places worthy of preservation, is managed by the National Park Service.

About Georgia Transmission
Georgia Transmission Corp., a not-for-profit company that builds and maintains high-voltage power lines for the state’s electric cooperatives, is also the main sponsor of FindIT, a statewide survey by the University of Georgia that locates and records cultural resources for the Historic Preservation Division.


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