Reliable energy powers economic development in Georgia – Georgia Transmission

Reliable energy powers economic development in Georgia

The phrase “bulk transmission system planning” may not be the first words that come to mind when considering Georgia’s robust reputation for business growth, but it’s an essential piece of the economic puzzle.

A healthy, reliable power grid is a sign of stability and security, illuminating an inviting environment for both large corporations and small, family-owned businesses. Reliable power is at the top of the list for business owners and entrepreneurs when considering where to go and where to grow.

That’s why Georgia Transmission’s bulk and member planners are so critical for economic development and for helping Georgia maintain its position as the No. 1 state in which to do business.

As load system planners for Georgia Transmission, Levi Bennett and his team help ensure the state’s integrated transmission system is delivering reliable power for all Georgians. This requires constant analysis and testing to see how the system responds under various circumstances. Georgia Transmission then takes findings from those tests and develops proactive solutions, making sure the grid stays energized and power remains available at the flip of the switch.

“My work is to ensure the reliable transmission of electricity so our member systems may provide power to homes, schools and businesses across the state,” said Levi.

With talented engineers and planners like Levi keeping a close eye on the state’s transmission grid, Georgia Transmission stands ready to power economic success across the state.