Northeast Georgia Receives Upgrade to Meet Growing Energy Demand – Georgia Transmission

Northeast Georgia Receives Upgrade to Meet Growing Energy Demand

April 4, 2007

Georgia Transmission announced its plan to build six high-voltage electric transmission lines as part of the largest upgrade of the state’s power grid in 30 years. The Northeast Georgia Grid Upgrades will strengthen the state’s power grid to meet Georgia’s ever-growing energy demand.

The upgrades are designed to provide a robust statewide electric system that is capable of meeting Georgia’s present and future energy needs. The project includes six transmission lines, three substations and one switching station constructed in portions of Jackson, Oconee, Walton, Morgan, Putnam and Athens-Clarke Counties.

Georgia’s demand for electric power is growing twice as fast as its population. While population will grow by 17 percent this decade, the demand for power is expected to increase by 39 percent. Furthermore, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts Georgia’s population will increase by another 3.8 million people over the next 25 years.

The state’s rapid growth and increased power demand require construction of new facilities to alleviate strain placed on the statewide electric grid – a system of high-voltage electric transmission lines and substations that convey power from generating plants to the local utilities that distribute energy to homes and businesses.

“Without new transmission lines and facilities, power service throughout the state could be compromised,” said Mike Smith, Georgia Transmission’s CEO. “At first customers would see more frequent and longer outages. If neglected long enough, regions of the state would be at greater risk for brownouts and blackouts.”

Georgia’s Integrated Transmission System allows Georgia Transmission, Georgia Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities to jointly plan and monitor statewide electric system construction, a process that eliminates duplication of facilities. Each utility owns and maintains separate transmission assets. Other state-wide utilities are planning to build grid improvements as part of the upgrade effort.

About Georgia Transmission Corp.: Georgia Transmission is a not-for-profit company that is owned by, and transmits power to, 39 of state’s 42 electric membership cooperatives. The company plans, builds and maintains nearly 2,800 miles of electric power lines and 600 substations.


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