Bringing Power to Georgia’s Rural Communities – Georgia Transmission

Bringing Power to Georgia’s Rural Communities

Compared to large urban cities, many rural communities are located farther away from where power is generated, meaning more opportunities for outages and other issues as electricity is transmitted across long distances before finally reaching EMC customers.

For Georgia Transmission, these rural areas make up the majority of people and places we help serve. This makes the work of our System Protection and Control team all the more important. Working behind the scenes, they are constantly assessing risks of outages and blackouts that could affect thousands — if not millions — of homes and businesses.

Partnering with local EMCs across the state, we help ensure reliability to these areas by monitoring and analyzing power usage, proactively planning power line projects to meet energy demands, regularly maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure, and creating multiple redundancies that allow us to reroute the flow of power when necessary.

We also connect rural communities to Georgia’s Integrated Transmission System (ITS). This ensures multiple paths to power exist so if one path is compromised, power is automatically rerouted. The end result is a more reliable power grid.

Rural communities contribute to economic prosperity and quality of life for the entire state.
Georgia Transmission is dedicated to helping keep the lights on for homes, schools and businesses in Georgia’s heartland.