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Shining a Light on Georgia Transmission’s Milestone Moments

“Aha!” moments. Everyone has them. At Georgia Transmission, we’re proud that affordable, reliable energy has made some of those moments possible at schools, hospitals and businesses across the state.

Throughout our history, we’ve had quite a few breakthroughs of our own, ensuring we can keep the lights on for more than four million Georgians. Here are some highlights:

Industry leading siting methodology
We created an award-winning consistent method for siting transmission lines that is used by many utility companies today. Our method considers environmental, man-made and engineering criteria when determining transmission line placement.

Protecting Georgia’s natural resources
When building a power line across Georgia’s coast, we encountered environmental sensitivities along the state’s salt marshes. To shore up reliability for economic development while minimizing environmental disruption, we used air crane helicopters, load-dispersing amphibious vehicles and specialized equipment to construct the line.

Preserving our history
To help track rare and endangered structures in Georgia, we helped develop FindIt. The unique program has cataloged historic sites county-by-county, gathering valuable data for municipalities, utilities and developers as they plan for growth and preservation.

Ensuring reliability
When regulators called on utilities to create a plan for evaluating infrastructure functionality, we were already using light detection and ranging technology (LiDAR) to assess our more than 3,000 miles of power lines across Georgia. This technology enables us to ensure the state’s transmission facilities can deliver the best reliability possible.

Although you may not think of us every time you flip a switch, we hope you know we’re always here, putting innovative solutions to work so we can keep the lights on for you and your community.