Why Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management are Critical for Reliable Power – Georgia Transmission

Why Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management are Critical for Reliable Power

When you think of Georgia Transmission, you probably think of our dedicated crews working to keep high-voltage power flowing safely and efficiently across the state. You might also think of our planners and engineers designing new transmission infrastructure as we plan for the future of the state’s power grid.

But did you know our team also consists of landscapers, environmentalists and botanists? They help keep our power supply reliable by maintaining our existing transmission lines and substations while also minimizing impact and disruption when we need to build new infrastructure.

Their work is equally important as the work our linemen, engineers and planners do to keep the lights on for more than four million Georgians every day.

One of their primary tasks is managing vegetation growth near our transmission lines. Overgrown trees and bushes pose potential threats to Georgia’s energy supply. Dying trees or low-hanging limbs can damage power lines, interrupting the safe flow of electricity and causing outages to homes and businesses. Similarly, overgrowth around towers can limit access and complicate routine maintenance.

With this in mind, Georgia Transmission takes proactive steps to prevent any service interruptions or potentially dangerous incidents. Our crews remove branches and limbs, mow grasses, trim shrubs, and plant and clear paths near our transmission lines and substations.

The green thumb underneath our work gloves help us properly maintain healthy vegetation while ensuring reliable power across the state.