The Face Behind Reliable Power: Ty – Georgia Transmission

The Face Behind Reliable Power: Ty

Earning trust by keeping the lights on — that’s the mentality of Georgia Transmission associates working to constantly care for the power grid and maintain electric reliability for more than 4 million people across the state.

Ty King is one of the professionals tasked with maintaining more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines and 700 substations across the state of Georgia. For 29 years, Ty’s diligent commitment has been to ensure reliable power for Georgia’s communities. As senior transmission line maintenance coordinator, he leads efforts to prevent outages and interruptions to the grid and fix problems that do occur as quickly and safely as possible.

Ty’s work includes maintaining all aspects of the electric transmission system, including the transmission line towers, power poles, substations, wires and more. This ongoing, routine maintenance includes many different things: from replacing insulators and repairing wire strikes to fixing structural problems with poles and trimming vegetation near the lines.

Any given day could have Ty and his team working from trucks, ATVs or even helicopters to monitor and maintain the power grid.

Maintenance ensures electric reliability – an essential service to support the economic engine and jobs for local communities while keeping families connected to quality of life. Georgia Transmission helps supply power to local EMCs that in turn deliver power to homes and businesses throughout the state.

“People trust us to maintain the electric system,” Ty said. “We get the opportunity to maintain a system everyone relies on.”

And every day, Georgia Transmission does just that.