As You Unplug This Holiday Season, Reliable Power Will Be There – Georgia Transmission

As You Unplug This Holiday Season, Reliable Power Will Be There


Over the past year, we have learned that there are some things we can’t take for granted: health, security, family and more. There have been endless unplanned and unexpected moments as we’ve forged our way through the unknown, but through it all, Georgia Transmission has continued its promise to help provide a necessity to Georgia – a reliable power grid that brings energy to your EMC.

As 2020 comes to a close, we hope you take the time to settle in, unplug and enjoy being with those who matter most. Whether you are relaxing at home with family, connecting with friends over video chat or wrapping up some last-minute holiday shopping, you can rest assured that energy is available at the flip of a switch.

No matter where you’re spending the holidays, we know that our state’s communities are more than just buildings and roads. Our communities provide opportunity to pursue passions and make the spaces around us feel like home. Georgia Transmission is proud to work alongside Georgia’s local EMCs to strengthen these communities by providing energy to more than 4 million people throughout the Peach State. We foster long-term prosperity by helping people maintain a high quality of life and bringing economic opportunity to Georgia. Our focus is on the future — as we renew our commitment to helping keep the lights on for communities across Georgia as a new year begins.

Undoubtedly, 2020 brought all of us challenges, but we look forward to a new year of continuing in our promise to move affordable, reliable power over our state’s power grid. As we begin the new year, let’s keep the lessons from this year at the forefront, knowing that what really matters is right at home.

And don’t worry. Even when you power off, the power will be there.