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Whitepath Electric Reliability

Meeting the Need for Reliable Power

At Georgia Transmission, it’s our mission to help keep the lights on across Georgia. Working with the local EMCs, we serve and strengthen communities by safely ensuring reliable, affordable electricity is available at the flip of a switch.

We know that intermittent power outages occur in the Gilmer County area and impact the homes, farms and other businesses that depend on reliable power. Georgia Transmission has been working closely with Amicalola EMC to look for solutions to address this issue.

These outages are largely due to the distance and terrain that the two electric circuits serving the area have to travel across, so one of our solutions is the addition of the Whitepath Sub-Transmission Line and associated Substation. This will help prevent voltage drops during peak use and keep the lights on for hundreds more people.

The Whitepath project is just one component of a broader effort to improve service to Amicalola EMC members in the Gilmer County area.

Next Steps Toward a Solution

Listening to community voices is an essential part of everything we do, which is why Georgia Transmission is collaborating with public officials and keeping a listening ear toward the concerns of local residents.

Two open house public meetings were held in September to offer the community an opportunity to speak directly with subject matter experts, ask questions and provide input. The drop-in open house meetings were held at the Gilmer County Civic Center and were identical in content and format. Members of the community were invited to drop in to any of the meetings whenever convenient. A court reporter was on-site to record comments and a call-in number was also provided for those unable to attend in-person.

Our project team is carefully considering the input that was received during the public meetings and also in our conversations with landowners.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, or would like more information, please contact Terry Cole, Public Affairs Director at terry.cole@gatrans.com or 770-270-7283.